Some common symptoms associated with food allergy or intolerance can include:

allergy testing

Constipation- Headaches- Joint Problems- Skin Complaints/ Eczema - Excessive Weight Gain
Fatigue/ Tiredness- Bloating- Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - Diarrhoea- Candida/ Yeast infections- Sinus/Catarrh

Having an intolerance to certain foods can greatly impact upon your state of health, immune system and fitness. The good news is that it's relatively easy to do something about these intolerances or allergies. You will become happier and healthier in life, without the fatigue factor, excess weight chronic disease or allergies, can simply be achieved through avoiding, replacing or alternating certain foods.

Donna recommends that you source all vitamins and nutrients from natural and Organic food sources where possible.

Allergy Tester Donna provides food intolerance and sensitivity testing, plus a vitamin and mineral deficiency test. Undergoing an Allergy Testing consultation can aid weight loss as part of a healthy structured diet plan. Phone consultations are also available for non-regional clients.

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